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ISSUE 2009_03 * * * E S S A Y S - E N S A Y O S * * *

the new section 'essay' experimentally combines theoretical and activist writing

Der neue Bereich "Essays" bringt, auf experimentelle Weise, theoretisches und aktivistisches Schreiben zusammen.

La nueva sección "ensayos" combina, de forma experimental, el lenguaje académico y activista.

Post-Anarchism as a Tool for Queer and Transgender Politics and/or Vice Versa? (English)

Lena Eckert

In her essay "Post-Anarchism as a Tool for Queer and Transgender Politics and/ or Vice Versa?" Lena Eckert discusses the potential of linking the philosophy of post-anarchism with queer theory and politics and transgender activism for an approach to bring about social change. Starting out from a critique of the traditional anarchist concept of power and subjectivity and those manifestations of queer politics that despite promises to the contrary reify identity, the author uses insights from poststructuralist thinkers such as Foucault, Deleuze, Guattari, Phelan and Cohen on the subject and politics to finally propose a concept of affinity based on choice and solidarity as opposed to identity for a queer-transgender-anarchist project to end hierarchical societal structures.

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